How to keep children entertained at the airport

August 4, 2017Lifestyle, Mum Life, Things To Do, Uncategorised

If you’re heading off on holiday with little ones this summer you might be starting to worry about keeping them entertained at the airport. There is nothing worse than that 2hr wait for your flight with a screaming toddler who simply won’t sit still. Discover our guide to keeping children entertained at the airport below…

Preparation is key

Before heading to the airport, look up what child-friendly facilities they have. Many airports now have play areas which is a good place to tire children before the flight. This should ensure they’ll sleep on the plane too.


Head for Food

We all know a great way to keep the children quiet is to fill them with food! So when you arrive at the airport head straight for a cafe or restaurant for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Many restaurants will provide an activity pack with the children’s menu, which will help to pass the time while they wait.


Bring their Favourite Teddy

Often flights are at the most awkward times, meaning your mini traveller would usually be in bed or settling down for the evening, so keep them feeling comforted with their favourite teddy bear to snuggle with at the airport.


Purchase Some Travel Games

Whether it’s a pack of snap cards, a mini connect four set or a puzzle, children will love to receive a new game that they can play at the airport – yes, this will mean you have to play games however, it’ll also mean your children are so busy having fun it’s unlikely they’ll have time to have a tantrum.


Follow this simple steps and we ¬†promise your time at the airport will be stress-free and you won’t even need to use your iPad. Now all you need to do is keep them entertained during the flight, but we will leave that one to you.