Dogs & Babies = Best Friends!

August 26, 2015Lifestyle, Uncategorised

It’s National Dog Day today (!) – and if anyone loves their pooches, it’s the My 1st Years team. (Check out our designer Liv’s new pup here.) But as cute as they are, it can be tricky to know how they’ll react when a newborn baby arrives in their home, and invariably steals the attention away from their fluffy features. Will they take to them like they’re their own, or remain cautious, wary and potentially harmful as your little explores their new surroundings?


Fortunately, research supports the familial mixing of babies and canines – providing they’re properly trained (the dogs at least – babies can come later) – and always with an adult close by. Statistics show that babies who are raised alongside dogs are up to 31% more likely to be healthy in their first year compared to those who are not, to say nothing of the lifelong friend and protector who will always be happy to see them. Here are just a few of the other reasons why we can’t get enough of dogs and babies together –

They’ll sacrifice their hind legs in order to teach a baby how to crawl:

They’ll happily give them a demonstration on how to use their bouncer:

A good dog will provide endless entertainment for your little one, whether they’re eating bubbles:

Or simply licking them all over:

They can also provide some much needed comfort to children who are sick:

Therapy dogs(1) (2) (3)

And will talk to them in their own secret language:

When the day is done, they’ll snuggle up for an almost-too-adorable nap together:

So cute.

How does your little one get along with your dog, or have you decided to keep them apart? Let us know in the comments below, and if you’re feeling curiously canine, check out our adorable Striped Dog Blanket for babies – free to personalise and uber-adorable as always.