Christmas Before and After Kids

December 19, 2016Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

Christmas is undoubtedly better with little ones, they bring so much more magic and excitement to the season, but they also bring a lot more mess! What used to be the season to get merry (thanks mulled wine) is now the season to get crafty and extremely bored of Christmas songs! Although we wouldn’t change this for the world, as watching our little darlings in the nativity is enough to melt our hearts, we thought we’d look at all the ways our festive days have changed.

1. Decorating The Tree


Before: It used to be a day filled with laughter and time spent perfectly spacing Pinterest-worthy decorations on the beautiful colour coordinated tree. Oh! how beautiful it used to look.

After: Now the tree is filled with precious memories and homemade decorations all put on in a slap-hazard way whilst the little ones fight over who puts the star on the top. Now you have to re-do the tree once the children go to bed just to have some baubles closer to the top.

2. Wrapping The Gifts

Before: An afternoon with a glass of wine, a Christmas movie, some fancy ribbon and the most classy wrapping paper you could find, what could be better? The gifts were wrapped with such perfection that it broke your heart to know someone would have to rip it open!

After: Every single family member is guaranteed to receive a festive Mickey Mouse wrapping paper and if the little ones helped to wrap it, it’s bound to be a mess smothered in bunched up sticky tape. Wrapping the kid’s gifts is like a military operation to ensure they stay asleep in order to keep the gifts a surprise.

3. Festive Baking


Before: Christmas baking was leisurely, decorated with beautiful butter icing and spiced to perfection just to impress the boss. The recipe was one of Merry Berry’s finest and it always looked as good as it tasted.

After: The cookies are burnt on the edges as one of the children decided to have a tantrum just as they were due from the oven, they’re covered in sloppy water based icing and have sprinkles covering every single surface. But who cares? The kids are only going to lick the icing and leave it on the kitchen side, right?

4. Christmas Eve


Before: A night out with friends was compulsory, whether it was festive and filled with mulled wine or more of a spirits-fuelled evening in a night club the countdown to Christmas was always a little blurry.

After: Now it involves reading a festive story or three, putting cookies and a whisky out for Santa that the little one is guaranteed to start nibbling and constantly remind the kids that ‘The earlier you fall asleep, the quicker Santa will come!’ Before hurriedly wrapping the last few gifts and wondering when you’ll get time to just relax.


5. Waking Up On Christmas Morning

Before: Oh how lovely and relaxing waking up mid-morning to open your stocking in bed, make a coffee and just chill with the other half listening to festive songs before heading off to spend time with family.

After: Now, you’re woken up at 5 am with kid’s screaming ‘Santa Came!’ while jumping on your bed with faces lit up with joy and excitement. During this time you’re still half asleep wondering what is happening!? Once you’ve fully woken up you wonder how early is too early to open the bubbly…

What has changed the most for you?