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    The Best Family Picnic Spots in The Uk

    August 1, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

    Who doesn’t love a picnic? Putting down a blanket and tucking into tasty sandwiches and juicy strawberries with the sun shining down – it really is the best feeling. If you love to dine al fresco you’re in luck as the heatwave shows no signs of leaving. Whether you live in the North of England or the South West coastline we have found a spot for your family to enjoy a yummy picnic.

    Heaton Park – …


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    How To Get Children Involved In Sports

    July 13, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

    The UK is in midst of a very special summer of sport! As the heatwave continues to grip the nation in bright, warm rays, sporting events have taken over national (and international) shores and we’ve been loving every second of it. From watching animated Wimbledon matches to sitting on the edge of our seats during World Cup penalties, keeping up with the big games is exciting and feel as though it’s brought the whole nation …


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    Adventures To Have In Your Garden

    June 28, 2018Things To Do

    It seems the great British Summer has done it again! Just when we were ready to give up and pack our sunnies away for next year, the sun has finally made the appearance we’d all been hoping for and we couldn’t be happier! According to most news outlets, the sunshine is here to stay and that means it’s time to get properly into the warm weather spirit. Not only does that require stocking up on the several bottles of sunscreen you’ve been meaning to …


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    June 8, 2018Gift Inspiration, Lifestyle, Things To Do

    It’s a well known fact that Dads are nearly impossible to buy for. Unlike Mums, with their often lengthy, varied and detailed list of dream purchases, Dads don’t want very much and (no matter how much you plead) will tell you this, every time a special occasion rolls around! Dads generally don’t do pampering or indulgences and in those rare, rare moments when they’re actually interested in getting something new, Dads will just get it …


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    January 19, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do

    Mums are heroes.

    We know we say this all the time but it’s only because it’s so true! With all they juggle, our favourite ladies often have very little time for themselves. To help, we’ve put down our top tips to relax for mums – Enjoy! 



    (Image via @runnerkimhall)

    Before you burst out laughing, we acknowledge this one might be a tad optimistic! As mums, having the treat of a whole evening …


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    Say Hello to Our New Characters: The Bunny & The Seal

    January 17, 2018Lifestyle, New Collections, Things To Do

    Spring has sprung at My 1st Years, okay the weather outside might be grey,

    and it might just be a random Wednesday

    but with new characters as cute as these,

    we asked the bosses if we could release the collection now, please!

    So, say hello to our new seal and bunny,

    who your kids will love when the skies get sunny!

    Meet Our Bunny Character


    Our little bunny was looking for fame,

    but that is how she lost her …


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    January 12, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

    We may be heading into the third week of January, but here at My 1st Years we’re still well and truly in the New Year spirit! More than anything that means resolutions and new beginnings remain at the forefront of our minds and we’re trying very hard to stick to all those promises we made not so long ago.

    According to research data, starting or completing house renovations is one of the most popular resolutions …


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    New Years Resolutions For Your Children

    January 4, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

    It’s that time of year when we all make New Years resolutions. We want to start bettering ourselves, cut down on those naughty treats we over-indulged in over Christmas, start a new hobby and generally improve our lives. While we are working on ourselves why not start introducing new positive habits into our little one’s lives? After the festive holidays where we let the kids stay up a little later, eat a few more treats …