Bump, Birth and Beyond – Episode 3

December 11, 2015Lifestyle, Uncategorised

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…especially when babies are involved! It goes without saying that Christmas is a magical moment for little ones – and the parents who are soon expecting one – so let’s see what our three Bump, Birth and Beyond mums are up to as we count down the days to Santa’s arrival. (Check out their previous update here.)


Emma 5

Emma, last time we spoke you were recovering from a knitting disaster – how’s the second try going?

Much better thanks – the second blanket is going well and should be done in plenty of time before the baby arrives. I’m making sure to take my time with this one to avoid any similar mistakes!

And how are the rest of the preparations going?

Well we’ve purchased our seat and pram, but are sticking with tradition and keeping them at my parents’ house until the little one arrives. David has also redecorated practically the whole house along with the nursery – and I’m now having hospital appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays to deal with my various health issues.

I recently found out I’m anaemic so have had to start on iron tablets on top of everything else, so it’s safe to say I’m feeling pretty grim.

Emma 1
Emma’s beautifully decorated nursery; just waiting for the subject of the ultrasound to arrive…

Oh no, here’s hoping things improve soon! We know you’re not going to find out from the doctor, but do you have any suspicions about whether you’re having a boy or a girl?

I think we’re having a boy, and David is split 50/50. I keep saying “him” when we talk about the baby at the moment! Probably because I grew up around boys my whole life. Neither of us are really fussed though, as long as we make it to the end safe and sound.

Have you had any thoughts about bottle or breast feeding when the little one arrives?

I am hoping to breast feed for the first few days, but as long as I do so I won’t be allowed any of my medication, so once we come home I’ll probably switch to bottle feeding. As with the whole journey, we’ll just have to see how things go!

Emma 2
Sadly the Toy Box isn’t for Buzz, but the little critter inside that ever-growing bump!


Katie 3

Hi Katie! How’s the maternity journey going – back and leg aches any better or worse?

Yes, thankfully my back and legs are much better now, although my bump is much heavier so I’m struggling to stay on my feet all day. I’m still at work, though trying to stay sitting as much as possible, and am happy not to be stuck at home getting at bored while we wait for the baby to come! I’m very luck that my school have supported in me and allowed me to stay for as long as I can.

Is there anything special on your Christmas list this year? Or is it dominated by baby stuff?

Obviously there’s nothing I want more than to meet our little one (Katie’s baby is due on Boxing Day), so it’s been difficult making a list this year. Every time I open my advent calendar I count down another day to meeting them, which is a pretty incredible feeling.

However I have asked Nathan for a few treats – perfume and jewellery etc. I figured I deserved a present or two after nine months of growing a baby inside me!

Katie 1
Katie and Nathan’s gorgeously decorated Christmas grotto, with a special bauble for the Boxing Day bubba.

We couldn’t agree more! How have you found dressing with an ever-expanding bump?

In the beginning it was tricky as I didn’t have a huge bump and wasn’t a fan of maternity wear – but none of my normal clothes fit quite the same as before. I’ve managed to survive in stretching clothes – mainly leggings, long tops and dresses – and as time has gone on I’ve loved dressing up my bump and showing it off at weddings and parties.

Having said that I am starting to miss wearing jeans, so will be really pleased to get back into some after the baby is born. I can’t wait to treat myself to a new outfit or two when the bump is gone – though I will undoubtedly miss it!

We bet. Is there anything else on your December to-do list or are you pretty much set?

We’ve been pretty organised this year and have done all our Christmas shopping in plenty of time, so now we can sit back, relax and wait for the baby to arrive. We’re just enjoying spending some time together as a couple – as well as with our youngest niece Alicia, who is very excited to meet her newest cousin. She’s always giving the bump cuddles and coming up with creative names for us to consider!

Katie 2
Enjoying the bump at a friend’s wedding, with her niece, and an excited husband. Eek!


Alice 3

How are things Alice? Is Amelie treating you and Joe well?

She is certainly a little character and is displaying a lot of personality for a 6 week old baby! She loves to wriggle around now that she’s learnt what to do do with her arms and legs, and is a bona fide cuddle monster who loves her mummy and daddy’s attention – not that we’re complaining. Despite her cheeky smile and love of snuggles, I’m being quite adamant that she has to fall asleep on her own at night.

That’s commendable – has it paid off so far?

It has. We starting putting her into a routine at around one a half weeks old, and she’s now sleeping from 9 – 5.30am (sometimes 6.30!), so our own sleep patterns have been pretty blissful so far. It just shows that a little hard work at the beginning can really pay off.

Alice 1
Isn’t. She. Gorgeous?

Sounds great! Have your friends and family all met her yet?

Yes, most of them have met her now and have loved her the minute they set eyes on her! Though most have commented that she looks more like her daddy than me…

Any nicknames so far?

No, we love her name so much that we’re resisting shortening it – she’s just our cheeky monkey really! She smiles all the time and I often get sore cheeks from smiling back at her so much.

Alice 2
Little Amelie enjoying some quality time with ma and pa.

What’s been the most surprising thing about motherhood so far?

Probably how protective you get over your little one; I really love her more than anything, and I’ve only been away from her once since she was born! It was only a few hours, but I hated every second of it and couldn’t wait to get back and check on her and share lots of cuddles. I sometimes wish she was awake when she’s napping just so I can see her big pretty eyes!

Alice 3
Picture perfect!

Well we can’t get enough of her. Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas together! Looking forward to welcoming our other two babies in 2016…