Bump, Birth and Beyond – Episode 2

November 6, 2015Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Now November’s in full swing, its time to catch up with our trio of Bump, Birth and Beyond mums as they get ever closer to welcoming a little one into the world. (In case you missed, check out our first post on them here.) For some, the journey may already have turned a corner… 

EMMA – 26 weeks

Emma 5
High school sweethearts Emma and David discovered they were pregnant on their honeymoon earlier this year – what could be a better present? She works for her family business and is currently 26 weeks along. 

Hi Emma! When we last spoke you were busy making your first blanket for the little one – how’s it going?

Sadly that turned out to be a bit of a disaster (though as my Grandma says it will still keep the baby warm), so I’m now onto my second one and am loving the knitted creations some of our friends have given us. We love the Dobby!!

Bump, Birth and Beyond mum Emma
The aforementioned Dobby (pretty impressive we have to say), and a tired out husband during a 1am hospital visit. Back at work for 7am…

Any news on baby’s gender/ possible names?

We’ve decided not to find out the baby’s sex ahead of time, although the name debate has already begun and we’ve so far come up with 2 names for each sex. All are fairly traditional, though we’ll obviously have to wait until the baby is born before we decide which one to go for!

What about cravings?

I’ve only had one so far – my local cafe’s homemade coleslaw! I did quite fancy oranges early on but then they started giving me heartburn, so now I’m trying to avoid them as much as possible!

Bump, Birth and Beyond mum Emma.
A gorgeous bump dressed up beautifully on a night out (though Emma says she was in bed by 11).

How are you feeling in general?

My heart and lung problems are persisting unfortunately, but I’m seeing my cardiologist every 3-4 weeks as well as consultants in Manchester and London who assure me my baby is still growing happily, so that’s the main thing.

It’ been decided that I will have a C-section under general anaesthetic near my due date, so we’re trusting everything will go smoothly until then!

KATIE – 32 weeks 

Katie 3
Art teacher Katie works with her husband Nathan at a secondary school in Leicestershire, and they’ve also decided not to find out the sex of their baby ahead of time. We commend their willpower! 

Hi Katie! Your baby shower pics look lovely – how was the day?

Thanks – my family organised me and my sister Laura a surprise joint baby shower which was really lovely! We played lots of games, had tonnes of laughter and enjoyed plenty of gorgeous presents. I was also able to indulge in my bigger-than-normal appetite with a slice or two of cake.

Bump, Birth and Beyond mum Katie.
Quite the collection of baby shower gifts! Can you spot our personalised baby frame on the fireplace?

Any thoughts on baby names yet?

Nathan and I have been thinking about names, although both being teachers it makes it even more challenging. We’d like to choose something a little bit different but we’re waiting to meet our arrival before making the final decision. 

How’s your general health looking? Planning any maternity leave soon?

For the most part I’m feeling really well, though I have started getting back ache and sore legs towards the end of the day (there are moments when I seem to have aged 40 years). But thankfully, these are few and far between!

My plan is to do another half term at the school I teach at and to go on maternity leave nearer to Christmas. I am quite sad about saying goodbye to my work friends and all the students I teach.

Bump, Birth and Beyond mum Katie.
The duo of baby shower cakes were soon devoured by the assembled horde…

And with baby due on Boxing Day, what are your Christmas plans this year?

We’re hoping to go away with family for a few days and celebrate, although this could change depending on when our baby decides to join us! Whatever happens, with two new babies in the family, we know that Christmas 2015 is going to be one to remember…


Alice 3
Fabulous blogger Alice and her partner Joe welcomed their little girl on October 22nd, and are busy settling back in at home with a gorgeous daughter in tow.

Alice, congratulations on your arrival of your little one! How was the final stage of your pregnancy?

In the weeks running up to my due date I started to become very uncomfortable and easily exhausted, though I thankfully managed to avoid much swelling, heartburn or painful aches throughout the whole nine months.

When we reached week 37 my obstetrician decided that I would be induced at week 41 due to the pressures a longer pregnancy would place on my body due to my Temporal Lobe Epilepsy; despite being in labour for a little under 12 hours she arrived perfectly safe and sound at 4:39am.

Bump, Birth and Beyond mum Alice.
From bump to baby…Alice just before giving birth, and with her little girl a few days later. Incredible.

We’re dying to know all about her!

Well she was born at 7lb 8oz, and we’ve named her Amelie Rose Morgan – though my partner did propose a few more outlandish names during our discussions. (He had a bet in school that his first baby would be called “Soo-Yung” – safe to say this was vetoed early on!)

Who does she more closely resemble?

We can definitely see hints of both of us in her – she certainly has my hair, lips and skin tone, although she seems to have inherited Joe’s eyes and cute little nose. I’m really looking forward to seeing her features become clearer as she gets bigger!

Bump, Birth and Beyond mum Alice.
It’s easy to see why ma and pa are besotted with Amelie.

What are you loving most about motherhood so far?

The best thing about being a mum is seeing my baby girl so content and happy – she can just lie in my arms staring and listening to my voice until she falls asleep.

I used to sing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star to her when I was carrying which made her wriggle around like mad – now whenever I sing it when she’s upset or happy she goes stunned silent and listens me sing until she falls asleep. Just shows that talking or singing to your baby when they’re in the womb isn’t a superstition!

And anything you’re not loving?

It’s a tale as old as time, but I’m definitely struggling with the lack of sleep! Combined with my epilepsy things haven’t been the easiest, but I have the best possibly support from my partner and I try to sneak in a nap as often as possible too.

Bump, Birth and Beyond mum Alice.
That adorable little smile! We’re all wishing the Morgans the very best with their stunning little girl.

Keep a watch out for the next update with our three families – we can’t wait to see the next two arrivals in the near future!