Surprised grandfather being told his daughter is pregnant

Best Pregnancy Reactions – The Families

September 29, 2015Lifestyle, Uncategorised

So we’ve had a gander previously at some of the heartwarming reactions when husbands are wives are pregnant – but what about their original families? Parents, brothers and sisters have been there since day one, so they’re bound to react with a heightened degree of excitement upon hearing that they’ll soon be grandparents, aunties and uncles. Watch on for some of our favourite videos of this wonderful announcement (you may need to turn your speakers down – the screams of joy come out of nowhere!):

This video is a classic example of overexcited mothers and decidedly understated fathers – though it does take him a while to even realise what’s going on.

Don’t worry, she doesn’t actually faint, despite looking distinctly woozy for a long moment. We’d say they’re pretty excited!

Mum = emotional wreck. Dad = high five! A pretty awesome combo, not to mention the Seth Rogen style laughter of the videographer.

A lovely example of a dad being just as excited as the mum. “You were shaking so fast, I thought it was socks!”

This cunning young lady tricked her sister into thinking they were filming a webisode when she broke the news. We think she’s going to make a wicked aunt!

An even more excited sister almost chokes her sister when she leaps forth in excitement. Thankfully this video has a happy ending.

In amongst the exclamatory profanities in this video, we have to appreciate the understated “Jesus, what’s this all about?”

“It had better not be a mug…or a roach….if you scare me I’m gonna throw up…” Just open it! Meanwhile Kwan is unfazed by the whole thing.

It’s not just mums who let their emotions come to the fore – this dad’s reaction is pretty priceless as well.

This adorably sweet reaction from the pregnant lady’s father is one we could watch all day.

How did you family react when you told them the news? Excited screams or did they take it in their stride? Let us know in the comments below!