Aquarius Kids Will Adore These Gifts

January 28, 2016Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Uncategorised

Now that we’re in the month of Aquarius, we figured it was high time we rounded up our favourite inspirations for gorgeous little water-bearers. (Did you know that the famous child who represents the constellation is called Ganymede, a mythic Greek figure renowned for his god-like beauty? Any of you know anyone who could rival him? 😉 ) Read on to see our top picks for babies born between 20th January and 19th February –

DON’T BE SHY!Sailor Ragdolls

Aquarius kids are known for being shy and quiet, but you can bring them out of their shells with the help of our Boy and Girl Sailor Rag Dolls. Cute much?


Nautical-blanket-sceneThose little water-bearers also enjoy their tranquil alone time, which you can make even more peaceful with the addition of a gorgeous blanket and a pair of personalised PJs.

PUZZLE ME THIS…Number-blocks1

As gifted problem solvers, they’ll especially enjoy our Alphabet and Number Blocks, which are as colourful as they are educational. (We also love the Hammer Bench and Fire Engine Stacker Toy for traditional puzzle lovers.)



If there’s one thing Aquariuses don’t like, it’s feeling like they’re limited or restrained by their surroundings. They need to be set free! We recommend firing their imagination with an Illuminated Light Box or an LED Wall Art Canvas – a perfect way to wish them off to an inspiring sleep.



Last but not least, Aquarius kids love to learn – so stimulate their intellectual side with our personalised books. (Shown between our favourite Sail Boat Book Ends.) Afterwards they can doodle some hypotheses on a personalised chalkboard – or, go for a flourished sketch of Ganymede’s water urn like us. We’re more of an artistic Virgo.

Does your Aquarius bubba display their traditional traits, or buck the trend entirely? Let us know!