6 Pieces of Annoying Advice All New Mums Hear

April 3, 2017Lifestyle, Mum Life, Uncategorised

As soon as you announce you’re pregnant you’ll be inundated with advice from just about everyone. Whether it’s about what you feed the new baby or where your baby is sleeping, the advice will come flooding in. Although these opinions and advice come from a good place they’re often more annoying than they are helpful. You know your baby and there is no guide to becoming a Mum, so as long as your baby is happy and healthy you are doing a great job.

“Sleep Now, before the baby comes”

Sorry, I didn’t know you could bank sleep ready for the future… And actually whilst I am heavily pregnant sleep isn’t that easy right now.

“Have you started thinking about when you’ll have your next one?”

Urm, no! Thank you, Auntie Sue, for the advice but since I have popped one baby out, I can’t even think about making another one.

“Make Sure You Don’t cuddle Her Too Much, You’ll Spoil Her”

If I want to cuddle my baby I am damn sure I will, I am pretty sure cuddling my little one will only spoil her with love and I am totally ok with that.

“Don’t Let Him Suck his Thumb/Dummy”


Ok, so next time little Leo is screaming the house down and the neighbors are banging on the walls, what do you suggest I do? If a dummy is the only way I can get 5 minutes peace I am going to do it.

“Treat Yourself – Happy Mum, Happy Baby”

When exactly am I supposed to treat myself to these hair and nail appointments when I barely have time to get dressed right now? So long as I feed, change and dress my baby she is happy and actually a happy baby makes a happy Mummy.

“Sleep Whenever The Baby Sleeps!”

Because that’s realistic! If I sleep when the baby sleeps when am I going to do the laundry? Cook food? or do anything other than taking care of my child?