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15 Fantastically Creative Birth Announcements

September 23, 2014Interesting Articles

So, you’ve recently had a visit from the baby stork and are looking for a way to tell the world. Why settle for an email or Facebook status when you can opt for one of these brilliantly creative ideas? Be warned though, some of them are so adorable that your friends and relatives will be even more eager to visit you in the hospital than they were before…

Birth announcement - babies Jagger and Jonah are shown alongside their measurements, weight, time, date and  place of birth.
People don’t just want to know you’ve given birth; they want to know every last detail about your newborn child! Thankfully you can let them know its name, length, weight, time, date and place of birth in one handy picture, which is both informative and awww-inducing.
Birth announcements - polaroid image and 'Hello My Name Is' sticker
Infuse your announcement with a touch of office retro, and break out the old Polaroid photos/ Hello My Name Is stickers. We can’t decide which one is cuter!
Birth announcement - mugshot/ police file
As the image above clearly states, babies have a way of stealing our hearts – and we think a mug shot-style photo is the perfect way to announce a little one’s arrival.
Birth announcement - magician and assistant
Some forward planning needed here (plus some major commitment during the bump-stage), but with a bit of trickery you can fool your friends into thinking yours was an instant pregnancy. If only!
Birth announcement - husband pumps up his wife's belly with air pump, until she explodes and a baby appears.
Possibly our favourite – not to mention most dramatic – bump-to-birth announcement, this one makes use of an air pump and a very
convincing explosion to mark the arrival of a new precious cherub.
Birth announcement - movie poster style
Having a baby is the end/ beginning of an epic journey, so why not immortalise their arrival with your very own movie poster?
Some other titles you could use are “Meet the Parents”, “The Born Identity”, and maybe…“Scream”?
Birth announcement - babies lying like parcels in boxes with Owner's Manuals..
So adorable we had to find two different examples – because you can really never have too many babies lying in boxes of polystyrene packaging chips. Now if only there was an actual Owner’s Manual we could use…
Birth announcement - babies inside a ring of flowers.
Simple, classic and gorgeous – surround your baby with real or chalk garlands and encapsulate their preciousness in the perfect birth announcement photo.

What do you think of the above ideas? Let us know in the comments below!